How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you happen to come home from a long vacation to a creepy crawly small bug, you may have bed bugs which could be a real issue to have on your hands that could take you a while to fix. Bed bugs are a nightmare and there’s no doubt about that. If you don’t take care of any issues, you will be inundated with a very costly problem of tough, tiny bugs that only measure in 5 millimeters in length ruining all of your furniture. These tiny bugs will feed on you and your furniture during the night and quite frankly, the bites do actually hurt. While bed bugs are extremely expensive to remove, it is totally worth it if you have an infestation.

If you have a bed bug infestation, do not fret. We have the information you need in order to remove these tiny blood suckers from your home. All you have to do is be patient and realize there is a fix.

Guide to Getting rid of Bed Bugs:

With bed bugs having such tiny bodies they can be very hard to detect. You could find a small bug on your bed for example but they are usually detected after a larger infestation. While smaller infestations are easier to get rid of they can be harder to identify. However by the time you have a large infestation on your hands, you probably are thinking about removing the furniture from your home. If you have bed bugs bellow are the steps you should take in order to get rid of them.

Identify all the Infested Areas:

If you wake up covered in bed bug bites, before getting pest control involved, you can actually look for the infestation yourself. Bed bugs can squeeze into a variety of areas and not just your bed. You should look in places like:

  • Baseboards
  • Underneath and between the couch cushions
  • Cracks and crevices in furniture joints.
  • Near the tags of the mattress or in the box spring.
  • Bed frame
  • Outlets in the wall.
  • In the wall paper.

If you are looking for bed bugs in the notorious hiding places for bugs mentioned above, then you are going to need some help. Use a magnifying glass and a flashlight and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding these bugs before getting pest control involved. You can spot the signs of bed bugs by the identifiers below.

  1. Seeing an actual bed bug- these are red, tiny little bugs about 1/4-inch long.
  2. If you see a bunch of dark spots basically the size of a period, you are looking at bed bug droppings. How gross is that?
  3. If you see a bunch of red stains on your mattress, chances are you crushed and killed a bed bug.
  4. Yellow, tiny little eggs or yellow egg shells. Bed bugs also shed their skin and their dead skin has a yellow hue.

If you find a bed bug, you should pick it up and put it in a sealed jar with a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will kill the bug. If you detect a bug and don’t know how to identify what you caught, be sure to call bug control and they could assist you with any questions you may have.

Contain the Infestation:

After you come to terms with the fact that a bunch of tiny bedbugs have wreaked havoc on your home you have to contain the issue. The easiest way is by trapping bedbugs by using a vacuum over places they may hide. These include:

  • Any sleeping space be sure to vacuum around your bed and box spring.
  • Your dresser isn’t safe. Be sure to vacuum around the cracks and crevices of your dresser.
  • Of course your carpets are a place these pests love to hide. Be sure to run the vacuum over your carpet thoroughly.
  • You think your television is safe? You’re wrong. You should vacuum around all of your electronics because these little pests will find a place to stay…. and reproduce.

Once you’ve vacuumed around your entire room, you are going to have to find a place to put everything you sucked up. Be sure to use sealed plastic bags and throw the contents away. Then immediately clean your vacuum.

If bed bugs have gotten into your clothing be sure to stuff them in sealed plastic bags and put them in the dryer on the highest setting for 30 minutes before washing.

If something can’t be washed put the plastic bag to the side and do not unseal it. After a few months the bugs should be dead. Make sure you alert your roommates or family about the plastic bag bed bug control so they don’t open it and further destroy your property.

Preparation for Treatment:

If you notice any bed bugs and decide to treat your home you should prepare properly in order to completely remove the issue from the home. Make sure all your bedding, linens, clothing, curtains, etc. have been thoroughly inspected and cleaned or destroyed.

Next look though all the cracks and crevices bedbugs thrive. Pick up your books, DVD’s and just about anything that is lying around on your floor. If you cannot throw these items away make sure they are inspected and cleaned.

Inspect behind bed frames You should also seal up any loose ends like wallpaper coming off the walls. Use glue or electrical tape. Taping up your outlets is essential because that is where they can really bide.

Killing the Bed Bugs:

You be able to kill bed bugs without using harmful chemicals by using extreme heat (115 degrees) or extreme cold (32 degrees).

Here are a few methods to get rid of bed bugs.

  • Wash all your infected bedding and clothes in hot water for up to 30 minutes. After you clean, be sure to put them in the drier on the highest heat setting for 30 minutes.
  • You can use a steamer on a mattress, a couch and basically any place to rest are hiding places for bedbugs.
  • Pack up any clothing or bedding that is infested and pack it up in black trash bags. Place the trash bags outside on a hot day or in a closed car.
  • You can also use a freezing method for this level of pest management in getting rid of bedbugs. Place items in bags and leave the bags in the freezer for four days.

Place bed bug mattress covers on your mattress and be sure to zip it up. This will ensure that any bug will be trapped and will eventually die.

If none of the methods worked above you may need to result in more drastic measures.


If the methods above didn’t work, you may want to do something more drastic like use chemicals. Use insecticides that have an EPA-registration like the ones below.

  • Pyrethrins and pyrethroids: these chemicals are definitely the most common in terms of getting rid of bed bugs.
  • Pyrroles: these kill bed bug cells.
  • Neonicotinoids: These chemicals damage the nervous system of bugs from within.
  • Dessicants: If you are looking for chemicals that destroy the outer coating of the bugs shell, look no further than this chemical.
  • Bug bombs: Bug bombs do get the job done but they cannot get within the cracks and crevices where they like to hide. Plus this is kind of time consuming meaning it takes a couple of days to fully use this method.


Bedbugs take quite a bit of time to completely be removed. After each treatment, you shouldn’t assume the best in that the bugs are gone. Instead, you should monitor former infested areas at least once every seven days to monitor if there is activity or not.

If there is activity you should contact pest control because it may end up being a bigger problem.


Bed bugs have a lot of strength and if you’ve ever encountered them you may understand that they are hard to kill. Just when you think they are gone, they come back unfortunately. If they don’t go away, you need to contact bug control so they can come and check all the natural hiding places bed bugs enjoy hiding.

Get an Exterminator:

Getting an exterminator may not be your go to option but they specialize in bed bug control. They have chemicals that aren’t on the market that could really help wipe out any bed bug infestation.

Exterminators also use heat treatments when it comes to bed bug control. They can heat up the room temperature between 135 and 145 degrees which is high enough to kill these pesky creatures hiding in your bed and bed frames.

Before an exterminator arrives they will probably give you a prep list in order to make sure your home is ready for them to spray for bed bugs.

It takes two or three visits from a professional for you to see the difference.

Bed Bug Prevention:

If you are worried that bed bugs could infest your home, you should be. Bed bugs are highly common and can reproduce very quickly to the point of being very annoying. Be sure to follow the tips below in preventing an infestation.

  • Clean up your room. You may have learned that trick growing up but it is really important. Bed bugs can get into any clutter.
  • Infest in a bed bug cover. These covers sip up your mattress completely making your bed a safe space to sleep. If you have any bed bugs, they will die through the zipped fortress.
  • Bed bugs can get in through cracks in just about anything. Bed frames, wall sockets, cracks in any furniture may be places where bed bugs thrive. Be proactive in sealing up any cracks or crevices in furniture bed bugs may use to hide.
  • If you are traveling, the first thing you should do when you check into your hotel is to check your mattress for bed bugs. Strip the bed and be sure no bugs are hiding within the mattress. If they are, it is worth to splurge and get a new hotel or hotel room free of bed bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kills Bed Bugs Instantly?

If you have bed bugs, you are in for a long battle. It takes a while for any infestation to be removed from any furniture or bed in your home. However, there are some ways that bed bugs can be killed instantly and that is through rubbing alcohol. You should invest in at least a gallon of rubbing alcohol. This can kill eggs and works as sort of a repellant for future eggs to hatch. Think of sun screen. If you put on enough sun screen you are obviously protecting yourself from the sun but you’re also protecting yourself from possible getting skin cancer in the future.

What is the Main Cause of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are not attracted to your home because it’s dirty per se. They don’t thrive in dirty and grime. They thrive in warm places and love carbon dioxide. If your room is full of clutter it is more prone to a infestation. Be sure to clean your room often of clutter and trash to prevent bed bugs from getting in your mattress, box spring or bed frame. The last thing anyone needs is to wake up covered in bed bug bites.

Is it Hard to get rid of Bed Bugs?

It is absolutely hard to remove bed bugs from your home if there is an infestation. You need to practice patience and understanding that this is not going to be an easy process. What you can do is use the practical methods listed above and it may help get bed bugs out of the furniture they may use as a hiding place. If trying yourself is the way you’d like to go, be sure to be patient and understand you may have to use a professional.

What kills Bed Bugs and their Eggs?

There are many ways to kill bed bugs. But you may have to use a bunch of harmful chemicals to do so. Rubbing alcohol helps kill bedbugs and their eggs in your furniture but it can be pretty hard. Mattress covers are also great for bed bug removal. All you have to do is zip up your mattress and they bugs and their eggs will die because they cannot get air. Your furniture may end up being more of a place where they thrive and you have to make sure you check cracks and crevices for any site of a bed bug.

You can also use a professional because they have methods of killing these creatures that you cannot buy in stores. They heat treatments and chemicals that really take and bed bug out with a single spray. No one wants a single bed bug in their furniture so be sure to check it often for these pests.


Bed bugs are annoying and they can thrive just about anywhere that it’s warm. They can thrive in your mattress, box spring, head board, wall… anywhere. Bedbugs have no mercy on you or your things. So it’s best to kill them as soon as you possibly can. The way you do this is through chemicals, professionals, mattress zip covers that won’t let any air out.

You have to be brutal at killing these creatures because they will ruin anything and most importantly cause you not to sleep well through the night or have a productive day. While finding these creatures in your home is not only stressful but you shouldn’t give up hope. There are ways that not only kill these creatures but remove them for good. You have to be patient is what we are saying because patience will take you a long way in getting bedbugs out of your bed and box spring for good.

If you have bed bugs don’t give up hope. You are not alone. It may not seem possible now to remove bedbugs entirely from your home but it is possible with pesticides, and natural products. Hopefully the information above was informative enough for you to remove any pests or prevent any future infestation.

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