How to lucid Dream

Every time you sleep, you could trigger a dream. Dreams are a wonderful experience where you drift off and live in an alternate reality. Most of the time, (with the exception of nightmares) when you enter a dream state you get to live pleasant experiences that seem unrealistic. Some believe that dreams can hold alternate meanings that mean something deeper is occurring in your personal or professional life or both.

There are many things that could occur during a dream state. Most people tend to experience lucid dreaming more frequently than they would nightmares. Lucid dreaming may give people the ability to control outcomes in their lives without it happening. If you don’t know what it’s like to lucid dream, please read on below.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

If you’ve ever seen the movie Inception, you are familiar with the storyline that you can control the plot of what you do when you dream. If you have seen the movie, you know it features an array of characters that can control the outcome of what happens in their dream in addition to being able to control the outcomes of what happens to other people. It’s like a virtual reality headset that happens when you are dreaming.

While manipulating the real world is certainly impossible but every night when you fall asleep, you have the ability to manipulate your dreams when you have lucid dreams. You can even go into a lucid dream fully aware that you are asleep.

What is it like to have a Lucid Dream?

When you are dreaming, you are usually in a REM sleep. REM stands for Rapid Eye movement and it may occur for some when they are in a deeper sleep state. Sometimes the REM sleep doesn’t have to occur for you to have a lucid dream. Sometimes lucid dreaming can happen randomly whereas others prefer this type of dreaming so they train themselves to be a lucid dreamer.

You can’t always control the outcome of your dreams when you are lucidly dreaming. Sometimes people who are dreaming may wake back up as soon as they realize they are dreaming and have a hard time going back to sleep.

There are two types of lucid dreams:

  1. Dream Initiated: this occurs when you are dreaming and you are fully aware that in your sleep state you are dreaming.
  2. Wake initiated: this happens when you are fully awake and go straight into a lucid dream

Can Lucid Dreaming be Good for your Mental Health?

For those that have nightmares more frequently when they are dreaming, they probably have felt that their productivity and quality of life take a big hit. There is a way to prevent yourself from having nightmares every night and that is the practice of lucid dreaming. With therapies being a big factor in preventing nightmares, patients can learn how to lucid dream every night so they are in control of what goes on when they are dreaming.

There are quite a few benefits in having a lucid dream.

  • Choose your dream: one of the main benefits of lucid dreaming is the fact that you can control what happens while you are in your sleep state.
  • Be creative: Allowing yourself to be in control of your dreaming may help people become more creative. You get to choose where you want to go in your dreams in addition to controlling what you do. In doing this, you may basically go wherever you may never get the chance to go. For example, say you’ve always wanted to to visit Japan but have never had the funds to do so, when you have lucid dreams, the world is your canvas and you can decide how you view want to view things.
  • Reunite with the people you have lost: If you’ve recently lost a friend or a family member, lucid dreaming can help you reunite with them in a way that could bring you closure. Death is unfortunately the hardest part of life in that it feels so final. Lucid dreamers have the ability to go back and control that last meeting they had with the deceased. Most of the time however, the conversations had during lucid dreaming don’t often make much sense. But it gives you the ability to see your loved one, one more time.
  • Expose your fears and don’t be afraid of them: Everyone has fears that they have to face in life in order to be better people. Lucid dreaming can help you face your fears during sleep and may even help those face them in real life. For example, if you’ve always been afraid of heights and have a flight to catch in the near future and have a dream about flying, you may not even have that fear response. Instead, you can see the beauty of flying and wake back up and catch your flight without your usual fears.
  • Improve skills: Lucid dreams can also affect the way you work. For example, say you wanted to learn how to play drums and you have lucid dreams about being in a band. You may just wake up and decide to finally take your first drumming lesson.
  • Better sleep: There’s a large majority of the population that has trouble sleeping. They often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about something better they could have done in the office during the day and it takes them a while to go back to sleep. Before they they know it, the time it took them to go back to bed and try to fall asleep, was the same amount of time it took for your alarm to go off and start your work day. With lucid dreaming you have the ability to control what happens to you in your sleep state so you can be aware of your surroundings without the added stress of being awake.
  • Inspiration: If you are in the creative field and are having a hard time finding the right inspiration, you could keep a dream journal and jot down everything you remember from your lucid dreaming. Did you walk through a long hallway full of porcelain china? Write it down. The world is at your finger tips while you are in your sleep state. You might as well take advantage of it by noticing the small details.
  • Stop having nightmares: If you keep having nightmares about going back to high school and finishing that final class, do not fret. Many people have that same nightmare. There are ways you go fall back asleep and take over your old high school.

How can I have a lucid Dream Tonight?

If you are interested in having a lucid dream, you are in luck. There are many techniques for you to get to lucidity state sleep. Please read on below.

  • Reality checks: First and foremost, you should train your brain every night to do a couple of reality checks to make sure that you are actually awake. This may seem like a difficult concept to grasp but reality checks are very easy. First you should look at one of your hand then you should press your finger down on your palm. If your finger goes through the palm of your hand, it will be pretty obvious that you are asleep instead of awake. Once you are in a REM sleep state chances are you are dreaming and that is when people may conduct that palm reality check to find out if they are lucid dreaming or if they are awake.
  • At least an hour before you go to sleep, you should turn off all your devices. If you want to succeed and having lucid dreaming you need to have your room as dark as possible so it will encourage sleep. Once you get to sleep you will quite possible get a mnemonic induction which will encourage lucid dreaming.
  • If you want to engage in mnemonic induction to encourage lucid dreams, you need to set an alarm from 5 hours after you go to sleep. So if you wake up at 6 a.m. you could quite possible be woken from you REM sleep and once you try to fall back asleep you may end up lucid dreaming. You need to make sure your alarm sound is not loud and vibrant. It should be soothing and relaxing. Once you wake up from your alarm, you should turn it off in order to get back to bed and start your lucid dreaming.

Is it Normal to have a Lucid Dream Every Night?

It is definitely not normal to experience lucid dreaming every night. While incredibly common lucid dreamers experience a dream on a regular basis. Most people do not have dreams every night when they sleep.

How Do I Trigger a Lucid Dream?

If you go to sleep tonight and think that you would like to partake in some lucid dreaming, you are not alone. Lucid dreaming is a great experience that will help you overcome a lot of obstacles in your life. If you have bad dreams on a regular basis, you can go to sleep without the worry that you are going to be chased by a murderer. First you should practice writing down your dreams every time you can in a dream journal.

Then, you should make your room and sleep space as inviting and comfortable as you possibly can. Be sure all the lights and electronics are turned off so you can get to lucid dreaming without thinking about having to answer that text.

Is it Bad to Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreaming could potentially have negative side effects for those that are more prone to mental illness. Schizophrenia for example, is one of the mental illnesses that could potentially have negative side effects from a lucid dream. With Schizophrenia, you already have the symptom of hallucinations and hearing voices. While everyone is different, the fact that lucid dreaming seems so realistic, it could be hard for someone with schizophrenia to decipher fact from reality.

However, if you aren’t prone to mental illness, a lucid dream could be a great thing in that it could help you face your fears or gain more confidence.

Can you have a Lucid Dream During the Day?

If you decide to take a nap, you could potentially have a lucid dream. Although naps are usually shorter in nature, they can trigger a dream. Chances are, if you have ever taken a nap, you have had a lucid dream here and there. Some people have noticed that if you drink sports drinks before taking a nap, you could trigger a dream.

Dream Journals and Meditation.

Having a dream journal could be the first step into being a lucid dreamer on a regular basis. Lucid dreamers should keep a dream journal by their bed, wake up from a dream and immediately write down what happened. Writing down your dreams could not only provide you with an added level of creativity but it could also help you get back to a state you want to get when you sleep.


Mediation doesn’t get enough credit for all its wonderful health benefits. It can really bring down stress levels and make you a better person in the process. While meditation may some kind of cheese for some, it truly has a lot of benefits that can help you in your day to day life.

Also, if you want to engage in this type of dream state, you should find applications on your smart devices that will help you mediate in order to relax every night. Some mediation requires hardly any effort. For example, some people practice breathing as a form of mediation that will get you to not only calm down but improve your circulation. Once you get in that calming sleep state, you can relax and enjoy your dreams.

Concerns and Risks

When you dream in just about any circumstance, there is the potential of a level of concerns. If your dream seems extremely realistic, it could be hard for someone with schizophrenia to understand fact from fiction. Another risk, is people don’t necessarily like the act of feeling like they are sleeping and completely understanding that they are asleep.

It could be a little troubling for those that have anxiety and love to be in control of their surroundings. Although technically you are given a level of control over your dream state, it still is quite jarring to understand that you are asleep and in a virtual reality. Be sure if you want to experience dreaming, you should get in contact with your health care professional and make sure you listen to your body and communicate any issues you have with your sleeping.


Having a lucid dream can be a wonderful experience. It can cause you to have confidence you don’t have and promote a level of creativity you could be missing in your life. Additionally, it can help you face your fears. For example, if you are afraid of height and have a dream about parasailing, it could break down barriers for you to step outside your comfort zone in your real life.

While nightmares are never fun, if you decide that you would like to implement being in control of your dreaming, then that is your first step to having that as your new reality. If you are having trouble sleeping, be sure to be patient and know that you aren’t alone. Sleeping issues are very common and dreaming can help.

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