How to Stop Snoring

Sometimes the inevitable happens and you end up sleeping next to one of the 45% of the population who happens to snore. That can be extremely daunting and quite frankly a little annoying if you happen to be a light sleeper. If you are sleeping next time someone that snores there are ways to prevent the loud rumbing being produced by your partner. If you happen to be the one that snores, and don’t want to be the but of everyone’s jokes, you are in luck, there are ways to prevent snoring that we will include below.

While snoring doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an unhealthy person, sometimes it is a symptom. If you are overweight or a heavy smoker for example you are more inclined to snore. Regardless of whatever the case may be, you have to pay attention to your body. Below are methods and tips to reduce snoring.

Guide to Stop Snoring:

When you happen to be one of many people that has a problem with snoring, it can be a pretty pesky tick to break completely. But you’re in luck, there are many things you can do to ease your snoring symptoms so you and your partner can sleep through the night and wake up refreshed in order to be productive throughout the day. If you have a snoring problem, read the information below if you are trying to stop for good.

Change your Sleeping Position:

First and foremost, if you happen to know someone who snores, you could get them to change their sleep position in order to stop snoring. For example, while sleeping on your back, you may not know that it causes your tongue to rest in the back of the throat causing a vibrating sound while you sleep. If you happen to snore, you should try sleeping on your side because it eases the symptoms causing you to snore.

If you find that sleeping on your side isn not all that comfortable, you can invest in a full body pillow and hug it to sleep. A full body pillow enables you to sleep on your side very comfortably.

While this may seem unorthodox, you can also tape tennis balls to your pajamas to prevent you from sleeping on your back. Although this may cause a bit of neck pain, it may help. If you still find that you are sleeping on your back with the addition of tennis balls, you should try one of the other methods below.

Lose Weight:

Gaining weight is unfortunately common with the invention of carbohydrates and how absolutely delicious they are for just about everyone. Also the fact of the matter is–skinny people can snore too. However, a symptom of gaining weight sometime happens to be snoring. If you have gained a few pounds and your partner is complaining that you snore– try hitting up the gym and eating a little better for a few months. If you lose weight and are still snoring while you sleep, you should take to your doctor.

Avoid Alcohol:

If you incorporate a lot of alcohol into your diet, chances are you definitely snore. You may not know this but alcohol makes your muscles in your back and the back of your throat extremely relaxed making snoring an extreme possibility. If you are trying to cease your snoring, you should not drink alcohol four to five hours before you are trying to go to sleep. You should avoid alcohol if you are trying to cease your snoring problem. However, we understand that that may be more difficult to do after a long day at work.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene:

Sleep hygiene is the act of getting enough sleep throughout the night so you can have a productive day. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you happen to have poor sleep hygiene. If you happen to work long hours and come home absolutely exhausted and overtired chances are when you lay down, you are going to have a deep sleep. Deeply sleeping enables your muscles to become loose and floppy which in turn creates a lot of snoring.

If you happen to be overworked and aren’t getting enough sleep it is the equivalent to drinking a lot of alcohol throughout the day. You have to take care of yourself and practice healthy habits above everything otherwise your day won’t be as productive.

Open Nasal Passages:

In this hustle and bustle world, most people don’t thinking about having a positive airway while they sleep. Instead they think about being productive and having a place to rest when they get home or what streaming services they may use when they get home to entertain themselves. However, if you have a cold or in congestion in your throat for that matter, opening up your nasal passages could be beneficial and make you more comfortable at night.

If you have phlegm in your throat or nasal passages, the fast moving air circulating through your body could produce snoring. What you need is a continuous positive airway pressure relief position. We suggest sleeping on your side for a couple of nights because it will leave your throat and nasal passages open while you sleep.

If you take a hot shower before you go to bed, that is not only a way to get comfortable but it can help open up your nasal passages. It is recommended that you keep a salt water bottle with you in the shower to also help open up your passages.

The use of a Neti Pot could also be beneficial because the salt water solution used helps open up nasal cavities and may keep you from getting sick in the process. Another way to open your nasal passages is by incorporating nasal strips into your day-to-day life if the problem exists in your nose and not the soft palate.

Change Pillows:

Changing and washing your bedding is extremely important. While this should be common sense, if you find that you are snoring what may help you is changing your pillows. If you happen to snore and haven’t washing your pillow cases in a while, you may not know this but allergens and dust mites build up and cause a lot of issues. First and foremost, is wash your pillows and pillow cases. If your pillows happen to be over two years old–you should definitely toss the old ones and be in the market for new pillows.

While most standard issue pillows have a lifespan of two years many don’t adhere to that rule and keep them around for way too long. While feather pillows tend to have longer lifespans, they are place where you lay your head down to sleep. If you go to bed without having a shower you are transferring a lot of dirt and oil to your pillow case. This may not only cause you to break out but you are probably breathing a bunch of toxic allergens in to your throat causing you to snore.

Additionally, if you don’t take care of your pillows or if you don’t happen to change them, you may end up getting a dust mite infestation. Although you can’t see dust mites, they reproduce, use your bed as a toilet and it’s just gross. You should definitely pay attention to how old your bedding is first and foremost. Changing out pillows and bedding and not letting them go past their expiration date may help you live a healthier life in addition to preventing snoring.

Water is your Friend:

If you haven’t already heard this enough, you should drink a lot of water and enough water to make it a healthy habit. From having sleep apnea, to occasionally snoring, you should always stay hydrated. Dehydration is terrible for you in just about every way. If you are dehydrated, the mucus in your nose and soft palate become sticky without the inclusion of water which in turn causes you to snore. If you want to stop your snoring for good, a good start would be to pick up a glass of water and drink it. If you are unsure of how much water you need to drink, keep in mind healthy women should have 11 cups of water a day while men should have 16.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I Stop Snoring ASAP?

If snoring is an issue for you, you should make sure that first and foremost you should promote a continuous positive airway pressure relief by trying to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side prevents the tongue and soft palate from relaxing too much into the throat causing that snoring rumble. The best and most comfortable way to prevent snoring is side sleeping and incorporating a full body pillow into your bed. Snuggling with a full body pillow is not only comfortable but even fun. Nows the time to invest in that Ryan Gosling pillow so you can cuddle with him at night.

Additionally, if you suffer from sleep apnea and consistently have a problem with snoring you need to open up your nasal passages and throat. You can do this many different ways but nasal strips are also a good way to promote sleep without snoring.

What Causes Snoring While Sleeping?

If you are in the bed with someone that is snoring it can be pretty annoying if you are a light sleeper. While there isn’t just one issue that causes snoring, there are many factors that happen to make people snore. For example, if you know someone that has sleep apnea you have probably heard them snore. Also, snoring can be caused by heavy alcohol consumption. So if you are a heavy drinker and need to prevent snoring, you may want to lay off the alcohol. Additionally, if you have anything blocking your throat, not only is it going to be hard to sleep but it could also cause snoring due to the fact that you are trying to take a deep breath.

If you have gained a lot of weight, you could also end up having a problem with snoring. The best way to reduce snoring throughout the night is sleeping on your side and making sure your throat is open. Sleep is so important so it is best to make everyone including ourselves comfortable.

Why do I Snore so Loud?

When you are next to someone that snores loudly it could be hard for just about anyone to sleep. You may not know it, but the reasoning why snoring can be louder for some more than others is all because your tongue and soft palate relaxes into your throat causing a vibration while you sleep. This can potentially block airways causing your snoring to be louder with the tissue vibration.

What Causes Snoring in Females?

If you are a woman and noticed that you have started snoring a couple of factors may come in to play. In order for you to practice good sleep health there are many remedies that are effective. First of all, women who have experienced some weight gain may be more susceptible to snoring. Living with extra weight might be exhausting on your body and it’s not easy get rid of unwanted weight.

While some women can get rid of any weight gain and continue snoring. it is recommended. Also, allergies can be the culprit to a loud night’s sleep. So make sure you are talking to health care physician. You don’t have to necessarily go to drastic measures like surgery or treatment but be sure to try all the methods above before you result in anything drastic.


When you are sleeping next to someone that snores, it is pretty annoying and there is no doubt about it especially if you are a light sleeper. While snoring is annoying, it can also be a symptom of something you should keep in check. For example, you could be breathing in a lot of allergens throughout the night due to have older pillows. What you should do, is get new pillows.

Or say you are more comfortable on your back and don’t know that side-sleeping is actually quite relaxing with the incorporation of a full body pillow. Side sleeping opens up your airways and nasal passages making it easier to sleep. Alcohol can cause snoring as well and if you want to have better sleep habits you shouldn’t drink five hours before bed.

Another thing you should focus on in regards to having better sleep habits is making sure first and foremost that you are getting quite enough sleep. Too much sleep or too little sleep can cause you problems and make your day unproductive.

Hopefully if you have a problem with snoring, this guide helped you understand that you can do quite a few things to ensure a quiet rest for yourself and those that share the bed with you.

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