What is a Platform Bed?

When you want to buy a bed you have to keep many things in mind. If you are more on the more budget cautious end of the spectrum you definitely want to consider getting a platform bed. Platform beds are best for those that don’t have a lot of money to spend or suffer from allergies. They are circulating due to the fact that they don’t need box springs or a solid surface to hold up the mattress. With circulating properties you in bed frames you will eliminate trapping dust mites and other allergens. Please refer to the guide below to help you understand what a platform bed really is.

What is a Platform Bed

When you decide to buy a platform bed you probably already have an idea as to what they are. A platform bed frame does not require a box spring. Instead, it is a bed frame that is usually lower to the ground that helps hold your mattress up with slats. These beds are great for anyone that is transitioning out of the nest. Consider this option if you are a parent of a college student or a parent of someone that just graduated from college. They are starter beds that are circulating that don’t require box springs. Instead, you place your mattress on slats that support your mattress.

  • Strength Platform beds are very strong and solid. They can provide support and hold up to 2,000 pounds of weight.
  • Spacious: Platform beds are not only great transitional beds for people transitioning out of the home but they are low to the ground and not like a traditional bed that requires a box spring. One traditional bed can take up a lot of room with the addition of a box spring however when you have a platform bed it is beneficial because many save more space than others. You can use a memory foam mattress on top of the slats and you will still get a solid level of support. Also, many platform beds do come equipped with drawers underneath the mattress. So you can put stuff in these drawers and save space underneath the mattress directly.
  • Simple: Sometimes you get furniture that is very difficult to set up and when you buy a new bed you don’t want to waste your entire day putting together furniture with directions that seem like they are in a foreign language–that is why you need to get platform beds. With a platform bed, you are definitely not going to have any trouble with assembly or set up because they come equipped with fool proof directions. All you have to do is set up the metal bed or wood bed with the directions and tools provided. Additionally, after construction you lay down the slats that support your mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need a Box Spring with a Platform Bed?

In the purchase of a platform bed, you definitely do not need a box spring. A platform bed comes equipped with a construction that has a slat system design. All you have to do is lay out your slats and place your memory foam mattress on top. The slat system provides a solid surface that doesn’t require the need for a box spring. Instead, you get platform beds that are circulating and provide you with an added bonus of relieving allergens and dust mites instead of trapping them there.

Are Platform Beds Good?

Not only are platform beds great but when you get a platform bed you are getting an item that has a design that provides health benefits. Air circulation is so important when you are sleeping. You don’t want to get sick simply by doing something you do every night in order to live. You want beds with a design that keeps you feeling healthy and also keeping you busy during the work week with the solid support you need when you unwind fro work. Platform beds are also great for more budget cautious. For starters, it isn’t required for you to incorporate a boxspring with your platform bed design. Therefore, you are saving money on a bed so you can spend more money on your mattress. Also, you won’t find many platform beds online that is over $500.

What is the Difference Between a Regular Bed and a Platform Bed?

The difference between a platform bed and a regular bed is simple. A platform bed simply requires a basic frame with wooden slats for you to support your mattress. Traditional beds require a box spring however platform only requires slats to hold up the mattress. These models aren’t made to last, however. You will be investing in another one within a few years. However, many manufacturers of platform beds do offer a warranty for you to take advantage of if you have to use it.

What is the Purpose of a Platform Bed?

One main purpose of a platform bed is to remove the requirement of a box spring for your mattress. Also, not only does your mattress gets supported but it also gets air circulation due to the addition of wooden slats. Another purpose of a platform bed is to remove costs and provide temporary sleeping space for those that want to save space.

When you have these beds many are lower to the ground. While some basic models only support the mattress, there are some that also support more space for you to use in the way of an extra drawer built right into the design. Platform beds are wonderful for those that require a transitional bed but live in a smaller space. If you are a parent of an adult child that recently left the nest this is a great option and looks perfect in any start-up apartment.


While traditional beds are wonderful for those that have a spacious home many don’t have that luxury. That is why platform beds are beneficial for those that want to save space. First and foremost, you don’t require a box spring with a platform bed, and while many are closer to the floor in height and there are also those that have more space. Platforms for beds are easy to assemble because they come equipped with fool proof directions that are easy to follow. Also, the style may look like a modern type of place you’d want to sleep in.

Platform beds are basic in design and look sleek in just about any bedroom. The advantages of a platform bed make it definitely worth your time. There are many options available to choose from that have a foundation at their base that is designed to free up more storage space. These are popular decor for those that want to be more minimalistic in styles in their home without breaking the bank. While there are many different platform beds available today around the world hopefully what we discussed allows you to understand what platform beds really are.

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